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Do You Have Persistent and Unresponsive Health Issues?

Everyday I meet people who are struggling. They’ve tried “everything”, and nothing seems to work. Many are successfully using a prescribed medication or symptom-relieving product – yet finding only temporary relief, not long-term healing. Others are trying product after product, still searching for something that will prove successful. All of them wish that there were a simpler, easier way to enhance their health and live their lives to the fullest.

Does This Sound Familiar? 


Follower of Jesus, entrepreneur, natural health educator, and 1 in a beautiful big family of 9.

I am a writer, speaker and creator of health-enhancing products. I educate and equip those who are challenged by persistent and unresponsive health issues so that they can discover lasting solutions - in a safe and positive way.

I am the 2nd of 7 kids {plus 6 more in heaven} - I totally get the challenges of keeping a healthy home. I know that 95% of the time there's likely a deeper root issue than what you see on the surface ... which is why I'm all about long term results. Lasting solutions. Bigger issues vs. just {temporary} symptom relief.

As a family we've dealt with seizures, psoriasis, high cholesterol, migraines, chronic pain, eczema, candida, thyroid issues, innumerable viruses and sickness ... dietary restrictions, allergies, visual and speech issues, dyslexia, asthma, broken bones and sprains ... the list feels endless.

I'm a homeschool graduate - and naturally a big part of my education involved learning about and dealing with these problems right along-side everyone else. That's how the story still goes. I wouldn't have it any other way. My mom is my greatest teacher - and I feel that she's a big part of the inspiration behind what I love to do today.


I’ve wanted to help people find healing for as long as I can remember. It almost came naturally, with 4 rambunctious little brothers who were constantly getting themselves into scrapes… My siblings would call me “Dr. Sarah”, because I’d run around distributing band-aids and kissing boo-boos. 

Home and family are very important to me. Few things give me as much joy as caring for our home, and finding answers for the ones I care about most - who are struggling with complicated health issues. It's just a part of me - I've been here through it all and one day my goal is to be a wife, mom, and homemaker - caring for my own home health center.


This passion led me to begin researching, learning, and creating products - which quickly flourished into a growing business. Today I run an online store, and stock smaller stores all over the U.S. My products have traveled around the world.

What I love most is the feedback I receive from individuals and families who are finding life-changing results. A little boy who now has "90% improvement" of his asthma ... a woman who likely would have had surgery but didn't ... A child who can now enjoy the beautiful outdoors - because while her allergy pills didn't work, a blend of pure essential oils did.

This is what keeps me going - and why I LOVE the work that I do. It's changing lives. It may feel small to me, but I know what it feels like to be desperate - and to finally discover an answer that works.

Follow my blog to learn how you can make your home a health center.

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From my family to yours.