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Deep Healing Collection

Deep Healing Collection

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The Deep Healing Collection targets bone & muscle related injuries … breaks and fractures, sprains, aches and pains, sore muscles and joints, pinched nerves, bruising, minor swelling and inflammation, etc.

Created from organic, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients! 


The products contained in this kit have been helpful in providing the following results: 

  • Pain relief
  • Prevention and/or reduction of swelling & inflammation
  • Prevention and relief from muscle spasms 
  • Increase of blood circulation - beneficial for healing and pain relief
  • Effective binding together of breaks, fractures, and tears 
  • Reduction of blood loss



(1) Deep Healing Herbal Blend 1/2 LB

(1) Deep Healing Oil 10 ml

(1) Sore Muscle Salve 2 oz

(1) Deep Relief Menthol Salve 2 oz

(1) Comfrey Infused Oil 10 ml Roll-On

1. Deep Healing Herbal Blend {Soak}
  • Not intended for internal use. Do not consume this tea.
  • To make a small soak {foot, ankle, wrist, etc.} measure 1/2 cup of the herbal blend into a glass measuring bowl or pot with boiled / very hot water. Allow to set for 20 minutes before straining off the leaves {you may also leave the leaves in for your soak}. Pour into a larger bowl and add enough cold/warm water to fill the bowl to cover the injured area. Soak for 30-40 minutes, 1-2 times daily.
  • To make a larger soak {for example a bath for multiple body injuries}, follow the above directions using 1-2 cups herbal blend.
  • Prepare a small soak for areas that cannot be easily soaked {a sore muscle, rib, shoulder, etc.} and dip your cloth into the tea {refreshing several times throughout the soak}. Squeeze it out gently leaving a little drip and apply for 30 minutes to the injured area. Wrap with plastic wrap or place a plastic bag underneath to avoid mess.
2. Deep Healing Essential Oil Blend
  • Apply topically to the injury following your soak. 
  • Apply at least 2 times daily, more as needed/desired.
  • Not intended for oral use. Do not ingest.
  • When storing Essential Oils, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight {for example a window ledge or your vehicle}.

3. Sore Muscle Salve

  • Apply topically to the injured area following your Deep Healing Oil application.
  • May be applied to broken skin.
  • This salve contains herbs with highly anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. It also contains Comfrey, the "bone-knit" herb, which is renowned for it's ability to quickly bind together breaks/cuts/tears/fractures.
  • Apply at least 2 times daily, more as needed/desired.

4. Deep Relief Salve 

  • This salve may is highly potent and contains a higher amount of Essential Oils and menthol. It is recommended for comfort to avoid open wounds or torn tissue. Apply topically to muscle and bone injuries to help soothe pain and prevent / reduce swelling/inflammation.
  • Apply topically as needed / desired.

5. Comfrey Infused Oil

  • Comfrey is the "bone-knit" herb, reputed for it's abilities to quickly and effectively bind up breaks/cuts/tears/fractures. 
  • Apply topically following the Deep Healing Oil blend.



  1. It is recommended that you do not apply ALL of the products at the SAME time. Following the soak, apply your Deep Healing Oil and Sore Muscle salve or Comfrey. Throughout the day apply Comfrey, Sore Muscle Salve, and Deep Healing Oil intermittently. Deep Relief Salve may be a very effective pain reliever and help with swelling/inflammation during the first part of the healing process. 
  • These products are non-toxic and safe, yet highly beneficial. They may be used together and as often as needed / desired. 
  • Each body is different, so experiment with the various products and see what is most helpful for your body's needs.
  • Deep Relief Salve will provide the best pain relief; Comfrey is the ideal option for binding up anything that is broken/torn/cut/fractured; Deep Healing Tea Blend will target all of the above - pain relief, swelling/inflammation, and promote the healing of breaks.
  • If sensitivity or rash occurs, discontinue use. Note, the Deep Relief is very potent and may cause skin sensitivity to some, especially if applied to more sensitive areas. Start small and avoid very sensitive areas.
  • These products are not intended to be ingested.
  • If Essential Oils comes in contact with the eyes or cause skin irritation, apply a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil to dilute. Never wash Essential Oils off with water.



Check the individual product listings for ingredients.

 *This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, and should not be used in place of required professional medical care.

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