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Handcrafted Natural Beeswax Votive

Handcrafted Natural Beeswax Votive

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These natural unscented beeswax candles are handcrafted by a local North Carolina bee farm. Enjoy the simple fragrance of pure wax fresh from the hive!

Beeswax purifies and cleanses the air. Unlike other types of wax {your popular soy and common paraffin wax candles} which can be toxic and harmful to the body, beeswax has been helpful with allergies, sleep issues, and other health issues. It may help eliminate  or reduce dust, odor and mold, providing additional health benefits.

The natural mildly sweet scent of honey in beeswax candles can encourage relaxation and help with stress relief - unlike many synthetically fragranced candles which give off a strong chemical smell that can result in headaches, fatigue and allergies.

Because beeswax candles are all natural and produce no byproducts, they are naturally dripless when used properly and are thus safer to burn. This avoids the risk of burns and other injuries that can result from burning other types of candles improperly.

Beeswax candles have the brightest, purest light of any candles and are closest to natural sunlight. If the candles are to be used as a light source, this can help minimize eye strain and reduce headaches.


    > Created without the use of synthetic dyes or fragrance.

    > 100% pure beeswax

    > Burns very clean, with almost no smoke

    *This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, and should not be used in place of required professional medical care.


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